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Hi! I'm Christina. I'm 15 years old and last year I finished ninth grade.  Here's me at middle school graduation:  

Click here for more Graduation photos!

Click here for some photos from my freshman year at Sinagua High School!

This summer I'm working as a summer camp counselor in California.  CLICK HERE for Camp Photos.   Here's me outside Yaya's house in my Staff t-shirt, on my way to work! :)



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Here's some recent pics, in May 2001 



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My dad and his girlfriend Lucy just had a baby, so now I have a half-brother. His name is Jimmie, and he just turned one year old.

Here's me and my Uncle Jack's 'vette.... YEAH!

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In 1999 we went to a family reunion in St. Louis; here I am at the Zoo, and you can see I'm almost as tall as my mother, who is 5'5".  Yes, that is a blonde streak in my hair... I have a cool mom who let me bleach it the last week of school   :)  My dad is Egyptian, and my mom is Scottish and Irish, so you can figure the only way I'd get to be blonde is from bleach!


Here's another pic from the zoo, feeding nectar to the lorikeets.... they were really cute, and real tame, my mom says she wants to have one!



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We used to live in a log cabin in Montana, very close to Yellowstone National Park.   Before that we lived in a little town in Wyoming.  Here's me on the Fourth of July!

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When I was in sixth grade I received the Eagle Award in May for being the best student in my class that month.

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I like to travel a lot: I've lived in Saudi Arabia for a year during Desert Storm, I lived with my grandparents in Egypt for a summer, and I visited my aunt in Japan, and on the way back to California my grandmother and I had to switch Umbrelas.jpg (14765 bytes)planes in Hawaii but there weren't enough seats for us so we spent the night in Hawaii and I brought my mom a lei. While I was in Japan I went to the Tokyo DisneyWorld and to Sanrio Puro Land (Hello Kitty). It rained a lot while I was there. I fed the pigeons at a park, and there were so many it was kind of scarey! My aunt is Egyptian and we look a lot alike; her husband is from Germany. They live in Osaka now, but when I was there they lived in Tokyo. My cousin Karim is 17 years old. I've been on two cruises to Ensenada, Mexico, and I learned to eat escargot on French dinner night.



This is my aunt Hala, who is 20 now and lives in Cairo, Egypt with my grandfather, and my uncle Tarik works in Saudi Arabia. This picture was taken when she was four years old.  The pictures below are of me when I was four years old... some people didn't believe her picture was not me!




This is me in my party dress for Eid Ramadan, the Islamic feast day at the end of the month of fasting in Saudi Arabia.  Everyone parties for three days!  I liked being in Saudi Arabia.  I am sitting here on a camel saddle, and to the left of me is our Saudi sofa, which is sort of like a futon; it sits on the floor and there is a back piece to lean on.   There are two corner pieces too, and the sofa goes all the way around three walls of the room!



This is a Saudi bedroom set.  It's lots more fancy than we have here in America.





Some parts of living in Saudi Arabia were not so fun.  Here's me and our Egyptian friend, Amal, who lived with us during Desert Storm, in our gas masks.  It was very scary when the air raid sirens began to blow.


When I was 11, I wanted to watch Interview with the Vampire, but my mom thought I was too young to watch it.  But I bugged her and bugged her (I'm good at that!) until she got tired of it and told me if I could read the book, I could watch the movie.  She thought I couldn't read all the book!  But I sure showed her... I read it in six  days!  The very first day, Sunday, I read for seven hours and she had to  drag me away from the book to eat dinner, and to go to bed.  I finished the very last page at 2:00 p.m. the next Saturday, and my mom had the video waiting in the VCR, and we watched it together as soon as I finished my book... my mom always keeps her promises!  After that, I read the next two books, The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned.  This summer I read Interview again.  My mom and I want to go on vacation to New Orleans because I got so interested in it from reading about Louis and Lestat, and we have a tour book that tells where to go to see places, like where they filmed Point du Lac, the doll shop where Claudia saw the beautiful doll and the house where Louis finally found Lestat again, and other places that were in the movie or  in the books.  Click here to go to Christina's Corner, my own page on my mom's page where you can order them yourself!

Well, that's all for now!  I would love to hear from you, so please....

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