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One of my joys is website creations.  I'd be pleased to create one for you as well!  My prices are reasonable.  I write only personal and organization websites, including authors; no commercial business sites.  The basic package is $60.  This is for two webpages of reasonable length, with graphics & links, and I'll work with you to get the look & feel that you want for your page.  Counters and guestbook also if you desire them, and webring links.  For a six-month period, I'll make changes, updates, etc. as needed, within a reasonable limit.  After that, we'll talk :)  

For more advanced websites, contact me and let me know what you need.

I also have hosting available on Far Horizons for my webdesign clients, for $60 per year.  This will be for up to 5 mg of webspace.  If you just have a personal website with a few pages and pictures, this is plenty of room; you're not liable to go over that anytime soon!  Again, if you need more than that, email me and we'll discuss it!

I highly recommend Link Exchange (now MS bCentral's Banner Network) as a means of generating traffic to your website.  I don't make banners as a general rule, but Banner Network maintains a list of graphic artists who will design your Banner for free.  If you decide to do this, I'll be happy to put your banner link up on your site.  Counters and guestbooks will come from Bravenet, unless you have another preference.  Their counters have great stats; click on the Bravenet counter near the bottom of this page, to see the stats and how they work.  Pretty cool, huh?


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Pages I've created
(with Link Exchange banners)


Allie McCormack  


Animal Behavior Counseling

Crossroads:   A Meeting Place

banner.gif (12401 bytes)Dearest Sweetheart



Fletcher-Sundhausen Historical T's

McCormack-Hill Family Reunion Official Website

Pagan Gods & Goddesses Resources

banner1.gif (9911 bytes)The Palermo Stone



Stress R Us - Survivors of the U.S. Postal Service

Tatanka Oyate Mani - They Walk for the Buffalo People

The Today Generation

Women Across America - Supporting Our Muslim Sisters

Your Office Genie


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Some of my own pages (well of course!)
and family members' pages

Shemah Online

Christina's Page

The Fletcher Family

Phyllis' Place

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Sites now defunct, but just look at the cute banners I made for them :) 

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and of course, my own Far Horizons banner! 

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