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This page is for those  folk interested in living away from the cities, perhaps being to some degree self-sufficient off the land, planting  their own crops, raising their own dairy and meat animals, hunting for food.  Or perhaps you are retired.  Or you freelance and want to live far from the madding crowds in a mountain cabin or forest retreat, maybe on a houseboat or sailboat, working via modem or the mail.  Here you can come to hopefully find and meet others of like mind, to share and discuss ideas.

This is the pilot page; so far we just have a small personals section, which will hopefully get larger soon, as I have just  started advertising the site and getting it on search engines webrings!   I'll eventually have a webring for member personal pages, and a bulletin board and/or a mailing list if I get enough interest.   All suggestions are very welcome!

You don't have to be pagan, you don't have to be a survivalist, you don't have to know how to plant cabbage, you don't have to want to break off every tie to "civilization" (such as it is).... just have to be interested in and open to getting back to the basics.  All the rest can be worked out!

You DO need to be *available* and honestly interested in a long-term
relationship and/or partnership. 


Whether you are interested in just two of you in a cabin in the mountains, a remote ranch in the Dakotas, a lean-to in the Bayou, a trailer in the desert, a lean-to in the Ozarks, even a riverboat on the Mississippi... or being part of a larger intentional community farm....

This  page.... is for YOU!


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