Dearest Sweetheart

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to his Wife during
World War II



Jack Price left his wife Jeanne and his baby daughter behind as he shipped out to Europe, where World War II was raging across the countryside of France and Belgium.   But he wrote faithfully, and finally returned to her side.  Now, some years after his death, Jeanne is publishing his letters from war-torn Europe, and not only that but she has recently retraced his steps on the Continent, with his letters as her guide.  


iwantyou.jpg (68777 bytes)Aug. 21, 1943
From: The President of the United States
To: John Kenrick Price
Order No. 1026

You are hereby notified...

The dreaded message had finally arrived, the order to report for induction! Jack and Jeanne married on November 22, 1940. They were high school sweethearts and the first in their class to marry. The following spring they moved to Houston, Texas. The rest of this love story is history.


Peggy.jpg (8488 bytes)While many young wives of the World War II era tried to keep the romance alive by writing letters and sending photographs of happenings back home, the soldiers tried to focus on the war, with thoughts of returning home to be reunited with their wives and sweethearts. Jack and Jeanne were no different.

From Camp Fannin in Tyler, Texas, to England, to the Battle of the Bulge, to Germany where Jack was wounded, and through the Army hospitals, the letters kept coming, portraying the day-by-day life of a soldier caught up in the war.

Reviewing the letters several years later, Jeanne realized there were thousands of questions she should have asked Jack before his death in 1984. She decided the best way to write about his experiences was to visit Europe. In 1994, her drame came true when she visited all of the places he had been. Her trip served to make the book more factual and historically correct in every detail.

This is their story.

This is a story of war. But, it is also a  love story. . . with actual letters and photos from the past. . . which keep the love in Jeanne's heart for her sweetheart and permit us to view the war through their eyes.

Anyone who was caught up in the war, a soldier or his loved ones, can truly appreciate Jeanne's sharing these letters and using them as the basis of this unique publication.  

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Belgium1.jpg (31528 bytes)

Jeanne Price in Stavelot, Belgium, on Sep. 4, 1994
at the "Fifty Years After, Stavelot Remembers" Exposition
where she received, as Jack's widow, a commemoration certificate
for the liberation of the town of Stavelot by the Allied Forces on Sep. 12, 1944
Note the Battle of the Bulge posters, in French and English

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