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Well, after two and a half years, it is finally time to get my act together and go on the road, or the web, more appropriately, and put on the show that is to be my web page, what with so many people trekking in here from my Women Across America: Supporting Our Muslim Sisters web page.  Iím glad you were curious enough to stop by.

TOLERANCE Ė that is the message I, along with my fabulously talented daughter who designed the WAA web page and my granddaughter, want to pass along to everyone. We started the campaign to urge women and girls all across our great country to wear a scarf (called a "Hiijab" in Arabic) over their heads on October 11th, 2001 in support of all the wonderful, peaceful Muslim women ("Muslimahs") who have been afraid, ever since the unconscionable terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, to come out of their homes to shop or take their children to school or socialize. My thought was that if we all wore a Hiijab, even for one day, we could let people everywhere know that under the scarf we women are all the same and begin taking back the intolerance and violence that has flared in the wake of the attacks. Islam is not the enemy Ė terrorism is the enemy!


So Ė welcome to Phyllisís Page!

I guess you should see what I looked like on October 11th. Here I am looking picture perfect.  [picture when I get it, actually] ...By the end of the day, I had spent about every ten minutes tucking in straying hair and pushing back my scarf which insisted on sliding forward at inopportune moments. It gave me great admiration for all the Muslimahs I have seen whose Hiijabs seem to stay impeccably in place!

This is the human American flag that our community sponsored as a tribute to the New York firefighters and police after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. (We sent a big poster of it to them.) More than 6,000 people turned out at the local city college on a Sunday afternoon and it was a truly spectacular event. At one point there were so many people on the football field taking pictures of the slowly assembling flag that it seemed there were more of them than us. A photographer and his assistant were hoisted up in a basket by one of the tallest cranes Iíve ever seen Believe me, they deserved a medal for being willing to do it -- it was hair-raising just to see them dangling there. While we were all assembling, we were entertained by local radio DJís and, of course, the usual contingent of city fathers (or in our case, city mothers!). After two hours of arranging people in stars and stripes and singing patriotic songs, it was time for THE PICTURE. We all saluted.  And then it was all over Ė with red, white and blue all mixed together heading for the exits.

Look close and youíll see me -- What, you donít see me? -- My goodness, Iím right there in the middle of the third red row near the corner of the blue. Well, maybe you need glasses. Anybody can see thatís me! :)

Family Showcase

Before we go any farther, I want to introduce you to my daughter, who writes under the name Allie McCormack, and shout to the world that she just published her very first book.  As my granddaughter would say: "I am so incited!"  Truck Stop is a contemporary romance that won first place in the Undiscovered Writer II contest last year, sponsored by Rendezvous Magazine & Love Designers Writers Club in Chicago.  It didn't take her winning a contest for me to know that she is a really talented writer who will grab your attention...  You won't be able to put her books down until you've turned the last page! She writes with verve and originality.... Even if I do say so myself  :)

Order Truck Stop, now from SynergEbooks

You can read more about Truck Stop and Allie's other upcoming novels at Allie McCormack's website


Phyllis: The World Traveler

I do  like to travel!  Some of the places I have been are Egypt, Japan, England, France, Germany, China and Mexico.   Here I am in Bath, England:


Bath.jpg (39208 bytes)


Here I am with my British friend Tony in front of Queen Victoria's private railway carriage


Boarding the cruise ship for Bermuda.  Unfortunately, this was during hurricane season... so instead of heading for Bermuda,  We changed destinations and headed south along the coast to Cape Canaveral and Nassau. Just as everyone got excited about being able to swim with dolphins in the Caribbean, we got word that Hurricane Gert had swiped Bermuda and moved on. We made an abrupt left turn and headed to Bermuda. The weather was beautiful the rest of the cruise and Bermuda was wonderful, although a bit battered by the storm.


Of course, you probably want to know how I came to have a wonderful outside double stateroom all to myself for the whole cruise (and, no, I didnít drop anyone overboard!) Hang on for the next installment Ė





Here's a picture of me in my letter-carrier days,
many moons ago!

Jeep.jpg (18386 bytes)



Here I am at the Pyramids in Egypt!

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