The Today Generation brought the music of the 60's alive.  From Adolfo Camarillo High School in California, the Today Generation was formed in 1967 by director/teacher/mentor Scott Henderson.  The Today Generation took top prizes at contests around Southern California, culminating in an award-winning performance at Knotts Berry Farm.  They toured in Arizona and Mexico, performed at the Sacramento Cal-Expo with Jerry Van Dyke, and at the United Fund Crusade Show at Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles.  Their performance in 1969 at Knott's Berry Farm's Festival of Sounds, where they competed against some 200 groups to take First place, culminated in a standing ovation for their final performance.  It was truly a Spectacular!



Here are some of the members of the Today Generation that we've been able to find so far:  Carla Balsbaugh, Ralph Beck, Davis Dalbok, Carol Farrington, Mark Fazio, Gordon Goodman, Kurt Kohler, Rhonda Larsen, Valerie Larsen, David Lorelli, Sylvia Roy, Trudy Love, John Stanewich, Dan TullisMargaret Wilson(if there's no email link here, it's because I either don't have an email address)


Our Fearless Leader, Scott Henderson


Other music students of Scott's, who weren't in the Today Generation but were involved in the Reunion or Hello, Dolly!, or just the music room in general:  Debbie Fletcher, Sue Simcox, Carolyn Villa-Scott, Dallys Wadler.

A little side trip down memory lane:


If you're a TG'er, or hung out in the music room at all and want to be added here, email me and I'll add you asap.  You can just put up an email if that's all you want to have here, or you can send me pics for the photos page, a URL, and/or a paragraph telling where you are and where you've been!

The Fantastiks

If anyone wants a CDROM of The Fantastiks, email me (Debbie) with your address.  It's not a terrific copy, kinda scratchy, from an old cassette copy that Scott gave me way back when.  Trudy has the actual record, but the needle scratch noise when it was recorded onto CDROM, was worse than what I had, so mine is what I've got on CDROM.  It's missing the finale, but the rest of it is there.  Unless maybe anyone knows of a recording studio that could record from the record without the needle scratch?


Where They Are Now?


  • Gordon Goodman, besides pursuing a career on stage (see the great pic on the Photos page!), has written a children's holiday book, "The King of the Northern Lights," available at Book-on-Disc.  He recently played the Professor in Gilligan's Island: The Musical in Thousand Oaks.  They did a great bio on Gordon, click here to go read all the great parts he's been cast in! 

  • Dan Tullis is going to be performing in a production of "Show Boat" early next year, January 9 through March 30, at the Lawrence Welk Resort in Escondido :)

  • Trudy had written these Remembrances of Scott and the Today Generation, and sent these to be posted on the site.

(okay, folks, get on the ball and send me something about yourselves to post here!)


  • Debbie Fletcher.  I'm in Tucson, Arizona.  None of you are going to remember me, so STOP feeling guilty <grin>  ...except for Dallys, who looked me up last year and had BETTER remember me!  :)  I'm a medical transcriptionist working at home on my computer and am on the editorial advisory boards for cardiology and oncology for a medical publishing company.  I'm divorced since a long time ago and I have one 16 y/o daughter, Christina, and five cats.  Christina's taking voice lessons from Scott's mom, Rosemary.   I write novels as Allie McCormack; I've finished two, and working on getting them published while I finish the third; my first novel, "Truck Stop" is available on   I've lived in Riyadh and Cairo and speak fluent Arabic, although a bit rusty by now.  I now go by the Arabic name Shemah, so don't let my URL, ShemahOnline, throw you... that's the right place!  


Thanks to Trudy for the great scan above!

The Today Generation:  Carla Balsbaugh, Ralph Beck, Davis Dalbok, Carol Farrington, Mark Fazio, Carol Fogarty, Gordon Goodman, Linda Graves, Cindy Griffin, David Jewkes, Lane Jochums, Bob Johnson, Carol Johnson, Greg Johnson, Jay Kauka, Kurt Kohler, Patty Krolczyk, Valerie Larsen, Rhonda Larson, John Lassen, David Lorelli, Trudy Love, Sylvia Roy, Dawn Smith, John Stanewich, Richard Stansberry, Dan Tullis, Dorothy Whitaker, Margaret Wilson 


I may well be missing some names here... if you know of anyone who's not listed, please let me know!

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