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They Walk for the Buffalo People


On the dawn of the 7th day of February, in the 7th generation, according to ancient wintercount, in the year 1999, will rise with the sun a new beginning and a powerful day of prayer, song, honor, respect and ceremony. As Elders, leaders, and common men and women will gather from the four directions near the Heart Of All That Is (Sacred Black Hills) at the Oyate Center (Peoples Gathering Place) located in the heart of Lakota Homes at Rapid City, South Dakota (Directions I-90 to Haines, North to Paha Sapa Road, turn right at Yield sign, first drive to office/center) to declare a utmost historical and important event of a great Spiritual Walk (or Religious Pilgrimage) of 507 miles, to Yellowstone National Park, to create utmost awareness of:

#1:  Traditional/Spiritual Teachings, and original instructions of various Indigenous Nations including the White Buffalo Calf Pipe and their implications to the world and beyond (The Lakota, the four colors of man and womankind, buffalo and Yellowstone National Park).

#2 - To create utmost awareness of the last "Free" Roaming Buffalo known to the Lakota as Tatanka Oyate, which translated means "we who belong to them" and their great relationship to Indigenous cultures and the ecosystem and how their presence contributes to the very balance of nature in North America, known to the Lakota as Unci Makoci Wakan (Sacred Grandmother Earth).

We invite all to join us. Please come prepared for all types of weather conditions and to walk in beauty, with a good heart. The Walk is Spiritual, not of a political nature and the National Park will be aware of our Journey. There will be prayers morning and evening and meetings of a council of elders along the way, talking circles so that walkers can speak with the Elders.

Those who feel they cannot walk are invited to bring vehicles to help carry supplies.

Mitakuye Oyasin
Joseph Chasing Horse

"Every struggle, whether won or lost, strengthens us for the next to come. It is not good for people to have an easy life. They become weak and inefficient when they cease to struggle. Some need a series of defeats before developing the strength and courage to win a victory." Victorio, Mimbres Apache

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