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They call me Tatanka Cante. I am a Dakota Native. I'm on this ride and walk to Yellowstone, because I really believe the Buffalo Nation are our Relatives. I have rode for almost 12 years around our sacred lands for Unity and for survival for all Mankind. So when I see the slaughter, the killing of our relatives, it really upsets me because I can see these strange people don't understand our ways, the natural law that these kind of people would hurt their own kind their children for greed, jealousy, hatred. We, the people of this continent have shared our heart with you we have shared our mother with you, our food with you. And then we have to see you killing our relatives. You killed over 100 million of them. I came here to support my relative, because I remember what you have done to us. I feel sorry for you. That you don't understand the nourishment that we get we're sorry that you never got that from mother eart and understanding. I'm sorry for your children, because they'll be just like you. They will have all the hatred and jealousy in them, and all they will know is how to kill. So I really feel sorry for those who do this; especially for the US government, who would allow this to happen again.

Gary Silk


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As a member of the Teton Nation, Hunkpapa clan of Standing Rock Indian Reservation we are bound to Rapid City, South Dakota to support a walk/ride/run of Unity to save the Buffalo. Members of Standing Rock are willing to suffer for their Brothers and Sisters the Buffalo. We are all equal who live on Mother Earth at the beginning; we need to come back to that for the Healing of all Nations.
Wambli Sapa

Kenneth Painte Sr.


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The Lakota for many years have communicated with the Buffalo Oyate. But a difficult time was coming so the communication had stopped and through the Buffalo people a woman came to the Lakota people with a gift that empowered the Lakota both spiritually physically and politically. Now our Buffalo brothers are being mercilessly slaughtered close to extinction and need our help. To give our help we must walk and through this walk of unity and solidarity will come a healing blessing for those involved. I salute the light within your eyes in which your spirit dwells.

Everett Poor Thunder


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