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WOMEN seeking MEN

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f012.jpg (13690 bytes)NAME:  Shemah
HOMEPAGEFar Horizons
LOCATION:  A little Western town
MY DREAM:  An isolated cabin in the Rockies
AGE:  45
CHILDREN:  One daughter, age 14
BACK-TO-THE-EARTH:  I am a medical transcriptionist and I work on the computer over the phone, out of my home.  This means I can live anywhere (where there's a phone), and I would prefer the back-of-beyond, in fact!  I've been there, and left, and now I know that that is indeed the kind of life I want. 
OTHER INTERESTING STUFF:  Hello! I live currently in a little town, having moved from my log cabin in Montana back to "civilization" :(   Some people just don't know when they are well off, you know?  Still, it is quite pretty here, so I am  happy!  I am Wiccan/pagan, 5'5", a BBW, with dark brown curly hair to just below my shoulders, sparkling hazel eyes--okay, so I have pretty eyes :) --a cheerful, mostly upbeat personality but subject to change on moment's notice but definitely in the middle of songs, books or movies... I tend to really get into things :) I love animals of all kinds, horses, dogs, cats, birds, even kids (have one of my own!), not just real fond of reptiles tho.  I am very intensely loving, passionate and sensual, and I want someone who WANTS and even NEEDS that from me, and who will return it as well.  I don't believe in "his 'n hers" recliners; let's sit shoulder-to-shoulder on the sofa!  Sex isn't the only thing you can do in bed together (just the *best* thing--ahem!)..... what about laying cuddled together and *touching* while talking softly together about just anything?  At any rate, drop me a line and let's talk! :)

I also have a Personal Ad webpage up just for you, to let you know  somewhat more about me quickly, and see what I am looking for in a relationship :)

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MEN seeking WOMEN

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NAME:  Johnny RedEagle
LOCATION:  Phoenix, Arizona
AGE:  Just turned 28
CHILDREN:  One daughter.
OTHER INTERESTING STUFF:  My interests are the outdoors, and being involved in my traditional ways of life.  My favorite color is blue and my favorite number is 13--why, I have no clue, it just is!  My favorite animal is, of course, the wolf.  I was born in Greely Colorad.  I have three sisters, two adopted brothers and two adopted sisters.  My mother is a Tarahumara native from Mexico, and my real Grandfather was Lakota, from Rapid City.  I hope to one day get married and have a family.  My goals are too carry on the ways of my people.  I love to help others.  I am a Sundancer and also I love to write poetry.  I have one daughter whose name is Heosig, which in her mother's language means flower, and she is my beautiful little rose.  So I hope you love kids, because I do!  The younger generation is our future, so I try to teach them the best II can, to respect all things that the creator has put upon sacred mother earth.  I am a firm believer in the traditional ways.  I welcome all races to email me back.  It's not about color, it's about change and wanting to learn and to look beyond color of skin.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask.  Like my Grandmother used to say (bless her heart), you'll never know until you ask; it's better to ask and be turned down than to go through life never knowing.


NAME:  George

LOCATION:  Old Lyme, Connecticut
AGE:  33
Hi I am a 33 year old male living in Old Lyme, in Connecticut, on the New England sea-board. I am looking for a woman between the ages of 18 and 35 to come and live with me on my 38 acre country retreat.  I spend a lot of my time, now, preparing my homestead for occupation. I hope to hear from you you soon. Your friend George 




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